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Sacred Trees
Magic messages oracle cards

Sacred Trees
Magic messages oracle cards

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For the first time, in a deluxe edition, ”Sacred Trees – the Oracle Cards of the Old Tradition” was issued, accompanied by 33 hand-drawn cards – A Guide to Communicating with the Universe.


Following a close exploration of the field and her old family tradition, the author, Diana d’Briac, brought anew to the readers’ attention an old way to clearing the mind, to asking for help and guidance, to sending messages to the Divinity. And the mediators between the Sky and the Earth are the Sacred Trees.
Within living memory, Trees connect the Earth and the Sky and, through their power, bring stability to the World In-Between. Old legends still tell about the great wisdom of Sacred Trees, about their gifts, about how their mere presence modifies our state, shapes our thoughts, clears our mind, guides us, talks to us and passes messages on …
These oracle-cards are an instrument, not for predicting an implacable future, but sooner for asking for guidance. It is a known fact that not even the most experienced driver reaches the destination if he does not mind signs! So, use them to get connected to the wisdom of the Sacred Trees, to ask them for help, to find the way …
Sacred Trees are gates between worlds, ”between things seen and things unseen”, gateways through which flows information otherwise difficult to access, they are mileposts or starting points in the work with yourself.
The modalities to use oracle-cards are practically infinite, according to need, inventiveness and imagination.
It’s all about being open, having a speck of curiosity and guts, wishing to evolve!
And if that’s you …. Take a dare!


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Magic messages oracle cards”

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