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Magical Herbs …in the kitchen!

Magical Herbs …in the kitchen!

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Parsley, thyme, dill, lovage, peppercorns and chili pepper… these are just some of the spices we have been using for ages.


We already know their taste, we can easily recognize their smell, but we still know very little about the mysterious power of these herbs and about what they bring beyond the flavor and color.

Diana d’Briac is gladly inviting you to a new kind of …book where you can discover some of the old knowledge of these lands and how traditional spices were used in the kitchen in order to bring peace, courage…or passion!

Therefore, you can acknowledge that spices are ”medicinal herbs” which come pretty handy and which in the Old Tradition of the author’s ancestors in Transylvania were used for much more than to flavor food.

Read the book and discover, for example, how to use coriander for love, cinnamon to lift your vibe, bay to protect yourselves from accidents and how to fulfill your dreams and materialize your desires, enjoying magical flavors every day in your own kitchen!


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